Research of the Müller Laboratory

Our research focusses on the development of small molecules as selective ligands (agonists, antagonists, inverse agonists) for G protein-coupled receptors, especially purinergic receptors, and enzyme inhibitors, particularly those involved in nucleotide and nucleoside metabolism (e.g. nucleoside kinases, ecto-nucleotidases).

This includes synthesis of new compounds (heterocyclic compounds, nucleosides, nucleotides), including combinatorial approaches, analysis of structure-activity relationships, optimization of pharmacokinetic properties (ADME parameters), and development of innovative high-throughput test systems. The small molecules developed are used as pharmacological tools for in vitro and in vivo studies (the latter in collaboration). 

Molecular probes (e.g. fluorescent-labeled compounds, radioligands including tracers for PET imaging) are developed for biological and diagnostic applications. Our small molecule libraries, derived from chemical synthesis and from natural sources (e.g. medicinal plants) are applied to chemical genetic approaches. For a small number of specific targets which have been shown to be therapeutically relevant, we perform preclinical drug development programs in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies.

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