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University Bonn

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Pharmaceutical Biochemistry and Bioanalytics

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D-53121 Bonn


Telefon: 0228 73 5254
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Peptide synthesis and purification

The core facility offers peptide synthesis as a service employing the so-called "solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS)". Standard Fmoc chemistry is primarily used for the preparation of peptides and mini-proteins containing proteinogenic, modified-proteinogenic and non-proteinogenic amino acids.

The synthesis services cover both manual and automated techniques. For the automated synthesis, the following devices are employed:


Purification of the raw peptides is achieved by preparative HPLC (example):


Different amounts ranging from 1-200 mg can be applied.

Requests involving complex synthesis procedures such as controlled closure of disulfide connectivities, postsynthetic modifications of amino acids/peptides, native chemical ligation and others can be performed after individual consultation.


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