Prof. Dr. Michael Wiese (retired)

Pharmazeutisches Institut
Pharmazeutische und Zellbiologische Chemie
An der Immenburg 4
53121 Bonn

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Prof. Dr. M. Wiese - Research

Investigation of Multidrug Resistance



Multidrug resistance (MDR) mediated by ABC (ATP binding cassette) transporters is one of the major obstacles in the chemotherapy of cancer. This kind of resistance implies the insensitivity of solid tumors, lymphomas and leukemias towards a wide range of cytotoxic drugs. Inhibition of ABC protein function using small molecule modulators can be a promising approach to overcome MDR. The main focus of our work is to characterize the three most prominent ABC proteins involved in the development of MDR (P-glycoprotein, MRP1 and BCRP) and their interaction with these modulators. To approach this issue we combine different strategies: