Guiding principle in teaching

Understanding drug effects - targeted use of drugs

The subject Pharmacology and Toxicology deals with the mechanisms of action of drugs and toxins, the behavior of active substances in the organism and the principles of therapy of diseases, with particular emphasis on the application of drugs to patients. It is our primary goal in teaching to present correlations and to create understanding knowledge.

Recognize problems - act scientifically

Pharmacological training must take into consideration the fact that developments in the field of drug therapy are very rapid and that factual knowledge imparted by universities soon becomes insufficient after entering the profession. In addition, drug therapy is exposed to influences from the social environment that go beyond rational medical points of view. For these reasons, we consider it an important goal of university pharmacology education to familiarize students with "scientific thinking skills" in preparation for their later professional independence, i.e., to teach thinking and action strategies that enable them to make rationally based decisions independently when faced with new questions.

Information about the courses

On this page you will find general information about the courses offered in Pharmacology and Toxicology. For semester-specific information and dates, please refer to BASIS and eCampus.

Basic studies (1st to 4th semester)

Lehre 5
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Lecture Toxicology of Excipients and Pollutants (2nd semester)

This interdisciplinary lecture course teaches the essentials of toxicology of excipients and pollutants. The course serves as an introduction to the world of toxicology and is designed to provide a basic understanding of the subject.

Lehre 3
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Course of physiology
(3rd semester)

In this course, students will learn basic general knowledge about the physiology of the human body. Topics such as hormonal balance, the kidney, the RAAS system, and many other topics are discussed.

Lehre 4
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Lecture Anatomy
(3rd semester)

In this interdisciplinary lecture series on the subject of anatomy, students are taught the basics about the structure, location and function of various organ systems of the human body.

Major studies (5th to 8th semester)

Lehre 1
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Lecture Pharmacology and Toxicology
(5th to 7th semester)

In this lecture series, students are taught general and specific aspects of pharmacology and toxicology. The students should acquire a scientifically based understanding and evaluate the effects of a drug administration on the organism by means of pharmacological lead substances.

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Pharmacological-toxicological demonstration course
(7th semester)

In this course series, the knowledge of the lecture Pharmacology and Toxicology is deepened in case studies and exercises. The students will get an idea of the complexities and interaction potentials of different active substances and learn to assess them appropriately.

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Exercises for the seminar Pharmacotherapy
(8th semester)

In this interdisciplinary series of seminars, the knowledge learned is now put into holistic context. Students will learn from physicians, pharmacists and patients about the different perspectives in dealing with pharmaceuticals. Specific disease patterns are explained in more detail and the latest therapeutic options are presented.

Master of Science Drug Research

In the Master's program in Drug Research, Pharmacology and Toxicology offers various modules, which can be found in the module manual.

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