The Protein Synthesis and Bioanalytics Core Facility (PSBA) offers services and consulting expertise in the fields of peptide and protein synthesis (e.g. expression), peptide and protein analytics. 

The core facility was established in October 2017 at the Endenich Campus of the Pharmaceutical Institute of the university of Bonn.

For offers and further information please visit our contact page.

The services offered at the core facility can be classified into the fields:

  • Peptide synthesis and purification
  • Protein synthesis and purification
  • Bioanalytical methods for characterization of peptides and proteins 

Detailed information on the core facility's general regulations (users, pricing, publishing, safety regulations, reservation etc.) is available in the 'user regulation manual' ("Nutzerordnung" : available only in German).

If our services are of interest to you, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to provide further details to individual queries.



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© Prof. Dr. Diana Imhof

Prof. Dr. Diana Imhof

Head of the Core Facility

Office: Room 0.121, Tel : 73-5254

Fax : +49 228 73 6829.

E-Mail : dimhof[at]

© Dr. Toni Kuehl

 Dr. Toni Kühl

Deputy Head of Core Facility

Office  : Room 274,    Tel.: 73-60258             

Lab: Room 0.106, Tel.: 73-5231 

E-Mail : toni.kuehl[at]

© Sabrina Linden

  Sabrina Linden

Core Facility staff member

Office  : Room U1.033, Tel.: 73-6403  

Lab: Room U1.035, Tel.: 73-68738            

E-Mail : slinden[at]

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