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Research topics

Drug delivery to and across biological barriers

- Oral delivery of poorly bioavailable drugs with a main focus on low permeability compounds: modulating drug transport of substrates of efflux systems and/or delivery of pharmacologically active macromolecules
- Drug targeting towards inflamed barriers at tissue as well as at cellular level, e.g. gastric ulcer or inflammatory bowel disease with a focus on understanding the adhesion and targeting mechanism in order to design an optimized drug delivery system

- Improved drug transport across the skin using semi-solids as well as different transdermal patch approaches
- Nanoscale drug delivery systems to selectively increase intradermal drug concentration, e.g. local therapy in atopic dermatitis

- Spray freeze dried particle, engineered for nasal drug delivery

- Particle engineering approaches based on spray drying and spray freeze drying techniques, tested for a more efficient lung deposition of drugs

- The ex-vivo tissue model (ISMICAP) provides better understanding on drug transport mechanisms at the BBB and the subsequent consequences for efficient delivery to the brain

Immune therapy in cancer

- Design of nanoparticles as efficient and well-tolerated immunotherapeutics in cancer therapy

Process engineering related projects

- Design of biodegradable implants for sustained release of small molecules, peptides and proteins, especially focussing on microspheres, monolithic implants as well as in-situ forming systems and biorelevant in-vitro test systems for the design of implants
- Atmospheric freeze drying and vacuum freeze drying


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