Working Group Bendas


Cell biological characterization of tumor cells

  • Gene expression analysis by means of qPCR
  • Protein analysis by Western blot, ELISA and flow cytometry

Functional analytics

  • Cell viability assays: MTT, Resazurin and Celltiter Glo for toxicity testing of drugs
  • Flow cytometry
    • Cell cycle assays
    • Transporter activity assays
    • Functional apoptosis assays (Annexin V, NK cytotoxicity)
    • Expression behavior of surface proteins in relation to metastasis

Cellular interactions of tumor cells with

  • Investigation of tumor cell-induced platelet activation using Born light transmission aggregometry (LTA), ATP release assays and thrombin generation assays.
  • Investigation of the differentiation of human leukocyte populations after isolation from buffy coats using micro beads-based techniques
  • Fluorescence microscopy

Molecular characterization of cellular interactions

  • Determination of binding kinetics of antagonists to target proteins by biosensory methods.
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