Working Group Bendas

Research topics

Investigate the molecular mechanisms of cytostatic resistance in tumors and therapeutic options to overcome it.

  • Investigation of the influence of glucose metabolism on cytostatic resistance of tumor cells
  • Basic mechanisms and overcoming of acquired cisplatin and intrinsic PARP inhibitor resistance in ovarian carcinoma cells
  • Influence of microenvironment on carcinoma cell resistance
  • Targeting heat shock proteins to overcome cytostatic resistance in carcinoma cells

Interactions of tumor cells in the simulated process of hematogenous metastasis.

  • Molecular mechanisms of tumor cell-induced platelet activation
  • Synthetic polymers as heparin mimetics for suppression of platelet activation by tumor cells
  • Investigation of the influence of epigenetic agents on the prothrombotic effect of cellular proteoglycans in the metastatic process

Elucidation of novel targets for immuno-oncological effects of heparin derivatives.

  • Investigation of an immunomodulatory property of adenosine in tumor progression by in vitro modeling
  • Molecular basis of immunosuppressive activity of platelets activated by tumor cells and their inhibition
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