Platform "Chemical Analysis"

Platform "Chemical Analysis"

The analysis of chemical compounds plays an important part in pharmaceutical research and teaching. One of the fundamental duties of pharmacists is to supply the population with high-quality drugs. In addition to qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis plays an important role in this respect. Pharmacists are trained to become experts in analytics.
The Department of Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry (Head: Prof. Dr. Christa E. Müller)  has been operating the platform Chemical Analysis for more than 20 years, which offers an analytical service for the entire Pharmaceutical Institute and beyond, e.g. for the Pharma Center Bonn. The Chemical Analysis Platform operates two high-field NMR spectrometers, three mass spectrometers and several capillary electrophoresis devices. It cooperates closely with the analytical departments of the neighboring Chemical Institutes. The two areas have different, complementary focuses, e.g. in mass spectrometry: While chemistry focuses on qualitative MS analysis and MS imaging, the Pharmaceutical Institute has many years of expertise in the field of quantitative analysis and is currently expanding this focus, which is in great demand.

Devices of the platform

Mass spectrometry

SCIEX QTRAP 6500+ System enhanced high performance hybrid triple quadrupole/linear ion trap LC-MS/MS mass spectrometer with Selexlon. High sensitvity triple quadrupole unit with a 3D linear ion trap ("Q-trap") suitable for trace analysis, quantitative analysis, analysis of metabolites up to a mass of 2000 m/z. The Selexlon accessory allows a distinction based on different mobilities. The versatile device is suitable for the measurement of analytes from complex biological matrices. Year of construction 2020. © Volker Lannert / AK Müller
Agilent LC/MS
Single-Quadrupol-MS (LC/MSD, Agilent), constructed 2019 © Volker Lannert / AK Müller
Advion DCMS.jpg
TLC-MS (CMS Expression L System; SQ with ASAP and DC plate express, Advion), constructed 2018 © AK Müller

NMR spectroscopy

NMR_Bruker 500 MHz.jpg
Bruker AVANCE 500 - 500 MHz; constructed 2001 © AK Müller
NMR_Bruker 600 MHz.jpg
Bruker AVANCE III HD - 600 MHz; constructed 2013 © AK Müller

Capillary electrophoresis

Beckmann Coulter MDQ with DAD, UV and LIF detectors © AK Müller
SCIEX P/ACE MDQ plus with DAD, UV and LIF detectors; constructed 2017 © AK Müller


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