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Welcome to the Department of Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry of the University of Bonn.

Our department currently consists of about 60 employees, as well as two professors and a private lecturer. Together, we conduct intensive research on groundbreaking projects and drive development in pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry.

Here you will find up-to-date information, resources and networking opportunities to keep abreast of the latest developments and advances in our field. You can learn more about current projects, publications, and the expertise of our working group members by following the links to the individual working groups. Furthermore, we offer radiation safety courses to ensure safety and expertise in dealing with radiation. These courses are open to all interested professionals.

We are pleased to welcome you on our website and invite you to learn more about the current research focus of our working group members on the following pages.

Working groups

Michael Gütschow
© Michael Gütschow

Gütschow Lab

COVID-19 therapeutics, PROTACs, inhibitors of human cysteine and serine proteases, structure-activity relationships of biologically active heterocycles

Christa E. Müller
© Christa E. Müller

Müller Lab

adenosine receptors, adenine receptors, P2Y receptors, ectonucleotidase inhibitors, prodrugs/pharmacokinetics, molecular probes, assay development, drug synthesis

Anke Schiedel
© Anke Schiedel

Schiedel Lab

molecular biology, pharmacological studies, orphan GPCRs, regulatory mechanisms of GPCR signal transduction

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An der Universität Bonn finden seit Herbst 2014 wieder Strahlenschutzkurse zum Erwerb und zur Aktualisierung der Fachkunde nach Fachkundegruppe S4.2 statt.

Der nächste Strahlenschutzkurs zur Aktualisierung der Fachkunde findet im Februar/März 2023 statt. Der nächste Grundkurs findet vom 06. - 15. Februar 2023 statt.

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Head of Department

Avatar Müller

Prof. Dr. Christa E. Müller

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